On Your Own

from by Michael Averill



Nobody does it on their own.


On Your Own

When you were a child, in a hurry to get older
You couldn’t wait to bust out of your stroller
And get out on the road

Wasn’t very long before you started walking
Fell a bunch of times, but your parents, they caught you
And all that you remember is that you did it on your own

That you did it on your own
That you did it all alone
And you felt so proud thinking that you did it on your own

You grew up pretty fast on your way to make your fortune
Learned lots of lessons, lots of people told you that
If you’re gonna make it, you better make it on your own

So you killed yourself to prove that you were better
Pushed every button, and pulled every lever
All so you could say you did it on your own

That you did it on your own
That you did it all alone
And you burned a lot of bridges saying that you did it on your own

Well you wanted all the credit, you did anything to get it
Sold bits of your soul to save a little pride
Sooner or later, you figured it out you would’ve landed in the gutter
And without the help of others

You’d be on your own
All alone
Without the helps others you’d be sitting there, on your own

Nobody does it on their own
Nobody does it all alone
Without the help of others you’d be sitting there on your own
Without your mother and your father you’d be standing there all alone
Without your brother and your sister, all your teachers and your cousins
All the strangers on your journey who became your friends and lovers
You’re all in this together and nobody does it on their own


from All We Ever Need, released March 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Michael Averill Vancouver, British Columbia

Wanderer….Philosopher….Fun Doctor…..This tradesman of sound was born to bring people together, to make light of a troubled day, and to administer a steady I.V. of positivity to the world. Emerging in Vancouver as an intriguing Folk artist and community builder, his magnetic melodies and warm demeanor unite for an experience that dissolves woes and change perspectives. ... more

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