I'd Rather Walk

by Michael Averill

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A serendipitous meeting in an Edmonton Irish pub in January 2013 opened up a link to the Yukon, the place where CBC discovered and recorded Garry (Michael's late father) in the mid 70's. Garry's first written song "Take The Time", was selected as a theme for CBC broadcaster Peter Gzowski's morning show in 1976, which brought forth national recognition and an opportunity to pursue his music. He turned it down, and returned to a quiet life as a teacher with a family. Almost 40 years later, son Michael started performing his father's songs with his own repertoire, and created an album fully inspired by his father's life, influence, and works.

Michael's latest project showcases his eclectic and instrumental versatility, ranging from edgy slide blues guitar, to tranquil beach piano, all supported by soul soothing vocals. He recorded and produced it himself in 9 different locations spanning 3 provinces, and completed the majority of the editing on Greyhound busses while on tour.

Fueled by his desire to enhance quality of life for his audience, Michael's creativity and thoughtfulness knows no limit. He invites anyone to join him on his daily walks for the sake of community conversation, and for the promotion of healthy active living. With his current project, given the loss of his father, he encourages listeners to evaluate their perspectives on death, and aims to provide an open/safe place for dialogue regarding this societally touchy subject. "The concept of death cripples a lot of people, mainly because they're too afraid to talk about it," says Michael. "I feel it's important to create an atmosphere with this project that celebrates life, and enhances understanding of death, especially within the family."


released May 10, 2013

Album Artwork - Ali Bordbar, Eric Saczuk, and Michael Averill
Cajon and Harmonies - Jen Miller
Mastering - Brock McFarlane
Everything Else - Michael Averill

Special thank you to family, friends, and new listeners for supporting and facilitating this journey of discovery.



all rights reserved


Michael Averill Vancouver, British Columbia

Wanderer….Philosopher….Fun Doctor…..This tradesman of sound was born to bring people together, to make light of a troubled day, and to administer a steady I.V. of positivity to the world. Emerging in Vancouver as an intriguing Folk artist and community builder, his magnetic melodies and warm demeanor unite for an experience that dissolves woes and change perspectives. ... more

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Track Name: Golden Breeze
40 years of memories
Delivered in an email
Turned my world
Upside down

When I think that I understand
That the world is a small place
It becomes a whole lot smaller

Roads may wind
To get to points, lyin' straight ahead
And I'm going north
Trackin' down
A legend on the Yukon Trail

You can call this a walkin' song
That found me in the morning
A golden breeze blew it my way x 3
Track Name: Get There In Time
Sooner or later
You realize
You're glued to your footprints
Losing your mind
No need to worry bout runnin' behind
Keep movin' forward
You can't rewind

You know the open road
You know which way you gotta go

Stop lookin' back with irrational eyes
You stare any harder, soon you'll go blind
Don't ask those questions, just follow the signs
Remove your restriction, start to unwind

You'll be just fine
Let's go for a drive
We'll get there in time
Enjoy your ride

You know the open road's the only way to go
You know that when your blood runs cold you gotta break the flow
No matter what you read
You never look back on what's done and been said
Get it through your head
You're either livin' or playin' pretend...or already dead

Don't go on wasting your valuable life
Believe in your instincts
Let them decide
No need to worry bout runnin' behind
Keep movin' forward
You may as well try

You'll be just fine
Let's go for a drive
We'll get there in time
Enjoy your ride
Track Name: Play Your Heart Out
Years ago
When I was young you sat me down
Looked me in the eye
You said "Son.....whatcha gonna do with your life? Where you goin?"

Seasons changed
Eventually I found the courage
Built the strength to say
"Dad, I haven't got a clue
Don't know what to do
To satisfy this heart"
"Well, take your time
Stop to wonder, stop to listen, stop and feel peace of mind
Don't care what you do
Just see it through
Give it all your heart
Play your heart out"

Play your heart out

Then came the day
Deep inside I realized
All I wanted to do
Was play on stage
Sing my songs, share my stories
See the world, touch other people's hearts

You sat me down
Looked me in the eye and you said "Son...
You turned out alright
Sure I'll buy you that guitar
On one condition
Gotta play it with your heart
Play your heart out"

Play your heart out

You know every time I look at your picture
You were 17 and livin' dreams
I hear your words like clockwork
Every morning, every night
I can hear you say
"Don't ever let yourself
Get caught up in that game
Don't let them drag you through the mud
It's in your blood
To play your heart out"

Play your heart out
Track Name: Living Through My Eyes
Sometimes I know you are here
Sometimes I see you so clear
In my mind

I see you where ever I go
I hear you in all that I do
In my life
You're by my side

Even though we never said goodbye
I know
Nobody really dies
And you keep living through my eyes
Track Name: I'd Rather Walk
I woke up one morning
Late February
The sweet sound of birds
I was there on my couch that it struck me
A journey of epic proportions began

Some people tell me
That I should worry about things you collect
For when you get older
A mortgage
A pension
Forget about changin' this world

Like my father before
I'm a wandering soul
Give me that highway
I'll take that wide open road

Well I don't need much to get by so long as my stomach gets fed
I don't need a flat screen
The sun does me justice in the ways
It enlightens my mind
But some people tell me that I
Need an automobile
A cheap Ford
A scooter at least
Just so I can keep up with the fast paced flow of the day

Like my father before
I love wandering free
I'll take my own time
I'll use my own two feet

Cause I'd rather walk
3000 miles
Just to hear
The west coast wind in my ears
I'd walk
3000 miles just to hear

Now I don't have much in the systems of common
Believe me
No house
Few things I do keep
But the love in my heart
The know how to sing you a song
But some people ask me the questions
"When will you marry? Settle down? Have a few kids?"
And to this I just smile
I laugh as I go on my way

Like my father before
I'm a wandering man
A little crazy
But it's naturally who.....I am
And right now

I'd rather walk
3000 miles
Through the fields
For the view
To remember what's real
I'd walk
3000 miles through the fields

Now if there is one thing
I learned from my father it would be to stop.....shhhh...
To really look at this place for its beauty can keep you fulfilled
For as long as you like
Always a walker, seldom a talker
If ever a choice
He'd go on his way so with this
I move on with the few things I keep by my side
And if you got something to say
Say it some other time

Cause I'd rather walk
3000 miles
Cause I can
To learn what it means to be human
I'd walk
3000 mile cause I can.
Track Name: Did You Know
Did you know I once saw you
In a different light
You were in disguise
I always knew you'd help me through
The rougher roads in life
All in time
And I............wouldn't trade a chapter for a dime

Did you know I had no clue
I blindly went along
When things went wrong
I never knew what you went through
Fighting to be strong
You were almost gone
And I...........watched you find yourself
Singin' songs

I know you know dreams come true
No matter where you are
Small or large
I never knew the plans you drew
Would have taken me so far
You opened up my heart
And I..........stood there while my worries fell apart

You should know the things you do
Will never be contained
Or bound in chains
I always knew that me and you
Were very much the same
Living for the day
And I.......wouldn't have it any other way
Track Name: You Don't Know Me
You could be here, wiping the fear
From your tears
Or waking up bound
To a hard to reach sound
But how?
Could you have seen
Through the cloudy smoke screen
The path up above
Hiding with the stars

You don't know me
But I'm in your head
Even though we never met
Every night I sing you
Straight to bed

Could you have seen
My face on the screen
In your dreams
Or felt all around
The warmth of my sound
But how?
Could you believe
In the intricacy
My audible love
Dying to ease your heart

You don't know me
But I'm in your head
Even though we never met
Every night I sing you
Straight to bed
You know I do

The life you cannot see
Is hangin' right in front of me
Waiting to carry on
It's about time
You come to decide
And ask yourself, why?
You waited for so long
To hear your favorite song
Over and over and over
Put your doubt aside
Leave it behind and you'll find that your
Freedom to believe
Was lost in the way they made you dream

You don't know me
But I'm in your head
Even though we never met
And every night I sing you
Straight to bed
You know I will
Track Name: Sunshine and Shadows
Day breaks again
So it goes
My best friends
Sunshine and shadows
Come to council me
On matters that stretch beyond my reach

Times they pass
That don't seem right
Well every day
Won't be sunny and bright
It's a choice you make
Look back
Or see beyond that place

All you can do
Is play your part
Carefully view
Protect your heart

After the rains
All that goes
Washes away
In sunshine and shadows
It's the way life moves
Helps to deal
With the ones we lose
Track Name: Shall We Dream
Shall we dream
For a little while
Ease our minds
Free our inner child
Soon you'll see
Things will be okay
Shed your fear
Dream it all away

Wander free
Bring your lovin' heart
Dance with me
Under a sea of stars
In each other's grasp
Full of dreams
Lookin' back

And if we fall
Fall from this place
We could change it all
And build a new frame
There are no laws
In this space
To find
So go on
Dream tonight

Driftin' through the sky
No more tears
No more fear to fight
Walk with me
Bring that lovin' smile
And we'll dream
For a little while